The house of wine

At present Trullo di Pezza vineyard has 32 hectares distributed in two large plots near the Torricella cellar, one of which is in Maruggio, Lizzano and Manduria. The principal vineyard of Messapia and the primitive is destined for the largest productive area. But Negroamaro, Fiano and Aglianico also find significant space, with the small exception of a few hectares for Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon international. Raised with the guyot sparrow system, the screws sink their roots into the deciduous "red earth" of Manduria with good prevalence of limestone and ferrous minerals. There are no altitudes in the area. Indeed, the vineyards are on a verdant plateau, dotted with centuries-old olive trees, not far from the sea, which is the thermal regulator of this productive area from mild winters and extremely hot summer seasons. Exposure of the vineyard from north to south, on the other hand, allows a balanced daily solar light. The care of the vine follows the biological method with the use of natural products, and only in case of extreme drought, it is used for rescue irrigation.


The productive heart of Trullo di Pezza has its headquarters in the homonymous farm that, with the outer area of relevance, covering a total area of about 3 ha. The entire winemaking process takes place outside in a space of 2,000 square meters, well harmonized in the green and including: collection tank, pigiodiraspatrice, thermal control system and 26 steel silos of different capacities; for the fermentation and refining phase (No. 3 from 360 hl, 6 for 150 hl, 12 for 100 hl, 2 for 25 hl). The production follows the organic farming method and uses the latest generation technology in the cellar, always paying close attention to the rural context around which also the extensive olive grove from which Simona and Marika produce their extra virgin olive oil..


After picking the grapes, we go to the first stage: pressing. The machines used contain detonators, a steel mesh that holds the barrel by passing the grape juice; This process allows adjusting the temperature during fermentation, allowing the must to breathe. Rats absorb alcohol, so that wine loses an excessive alcohol content.


The second step is fermentation: a fundamental step for wine production that not only consists in turning wine into wine, but highlights those that are the organoleptic characteristics of grapes. Trullo di Pezza's business philosophy is based on respect for nature and on the practice of sustainable farming. That is why, from the beginning, we have believed in the added value offered by the organic viticulture management, supporting economic investments and committed commitment and time in vineyard to obtain its certification.;


Part of the interior area of the farm is predominantly dedicated to wood refinement with a supply of 10 225-liter barrels of French roasting medium and 5 500-liter tonneaux. The winemaking style involves medium-long macerations with refinement, predominantly in steel, to obtain fresh wines with typical scents of the variety. Wood maturation is expected only on three labels, two of which are primitive and one of the aliens, and in any case the passage is never too long;

The labels

Currently we have five labels in the production line: 10 Grana - Fiano Salento IGP; Speziale - Negroamaro Rosato Salento IGP; Scarfoglio - Aglianico Salento IGP; Mezza Pezza - Primitivo Salento IGP; LiCurti - Primitivo di Manduria DOP.  

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